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The bar chair size bar chair price

  One, the bar chair size:The bar chair is divided into can lift the bar chair and do not lift the bar chair, in the majority with drop, generally lift range between 20 cm, can bring good adjustment. If can, and the distance from the bar a little bit about 20 cm below the bar is about the same, highly probably more normal between 60-100 cm, can also according to the requirements of the environment, appropriate to increase or decrease.
  Although the size of the bar chair have change, more common is that several, generally the standard size of the bar chair is 42 * 46.5 * 92 cm. In addition to the bar chair, chair and 44 * 44 * 83 cm, 45 * 50 * 99 cm, 45 * 45 * 92 cm, 39 * 45 * 98.5 cm size, etc. General size according to the size of the space needs to be selected.
  Second, the bar chair price:Prices vary. To see what quality drops between 80-100, also varies in different prices. Simple style with the back of a chair plastic bar chair, light to see can see from the photos in the simple style with the back of a chair plastic bar chair design style distinctive. Plastic bar chair has a circle as a supporting role, prevent the legs due to excessive stress and deformation. Color tone is silvery white, with the color photograph echo of the bar, is a modern fashion plastic bar chair. Of course this kind of plastic bar chair is also very affordable price, the price in a range of $80. If it is to buy two pieces of plastic bar chair, so the two plastic bar chair price is in 150 yuan.
  Sofa USES the process is the high concentration of compression, and also a lot of plastic bar chair of sofa USES craft. Due to its elegant design, so the plastic bar chair price roughly in the medium price in 100 yuan. If the two together to buy, then the two plastic bar chair price is in 190 yuan.
  The shape of the plastic bar chair and the shape is the same as the first plastic bar chair, then the plastic bar chair what about the price? This is a very suitable for use in the home of plastic bar chair, because it is in the design, wooden legs and cross diamond design brings a format beautiful feeling. If you want to buy a plastic bar chair inside your house, using the plastic bar chair is very appropriate. Asia hardwood casting, solid solid! The plastic bar chair price roughly in the medium price in 90 yuan.
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