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The material of the bar how to choose

  Because the family bar space has the nature of the multi-function, are popular with more and more families. So the material of the bar how to choose?
  Bar material selection techniques, choice of materials: 1 bar is generally made of marble, wood, ceramics, etc., general marble is durable, high cost performance, solid wood bar is rich, general villas available, ceramics is more popular, more affordable price.
  2, stool surface and the bar surface should be kept at about 0.25 M gap. The bar surface is high, the corresponding stool surface is also higher.
  3, bench and the bar bottom place, should have the support foot pole, such as steel tube, stainless steel pipe or the step stool.
  4, high stool with back of a chair, in the form of appropriate choice will feel more comfortable to sit on.
  Different materials to create a different feel. In general, the material of the bar and the style is adapted and whole bedroom, fall in love with the master of fast-food culture, can choose marble mesa build fast-food type of concise stage, style is lively, and free from vulgarity; If like rural amorous feelings of the owner, can choose wooden or cany bar, had a cordial and natural flavor; While the bar glass can achieve the result of increased sense of space is connected fully, very modern, concise and easy. The modern style of the bar is usually created by light color wood, stainless steel and so on.
  Stage design key points of the other can also is round, elliptical, wavy etc., but no matter what the shape, in order to convenient operation and visual aesthetics, should pay attention to the following: when the design bar is led by former, work station (center) and the following three parts. The bar height is approximately 1 a 1. 2 meters, but this kind of high standard is not as absolute truth, should be with the average height of the bartender.
  Before the bar at the bottom of the work station, height is 76 cm, general but also changes, should according to the bartender‘s height. The height should be in commonly bartender wrist, so more effort. It usually includes the following equipment: three sink (initial washing, cleaning, disinfection function) or automatic washing cup machine sink, sink, twisting, beverage bottles, beverage holder, and or beer with extractor, etc.
  After it is usually 1. 75 meters, but the top is not higher than the bartender within reach, the lower is usually 1. 10 meters, or with the bar (former) etc. After it actually plays a storage, display, the ambry of right upper usually display after wine, wine glasses and various kinds of wine bottle, intermediate for confecting blended drinks of all kinds of liquor, the lower cabinets for red wine and other bar equipment. Installed in the lower level of freezer is cold white wine, beer and a variety of fruit raw materials.
  Before the distance to the right, as a service personnel, generally is about 1 m, and shall have no other devices to the aisles. The top should be equipped with suction plastic board or rubber plate ceiling, to ensure the safety of bar workers. Aisle the ground laid of plastic or wood frame, or laying rubber pad, to reduce staff standing for a long time, resulting in fatigue.
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