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The bar chair key points summary of choose and buy

  The bar chair skills of choose and buy1, first of all, we according to the size of the bar to select suitable size of the bar chair, lest cause bought a chair or broken have been conceived the phenomenon such as good decoration layout.
  2, when the choose and buy, want to check the spelling of the bar chair cover is lax, whatever the material we all should pay attention to the fabric whether level off if there is a bulge, bubble, flat-fell seam is lax, wait for a phenomenon.
  3, when the choose and buy must also want to pay attention to your surroundings. Such as near the factory or near the road bar, because may be the cause of chimney and dust is more, this time to choose the concise and lively bar chair, or cleaning work can be very waste their time on you.
  4, the choose and buy the bar chair, be sure to check whether the parts installation is reasonable. For example: valve switch is flexible, the pulley is smooth, wheel rotation is natural and so on.
  5, when the choose and buy, want to consider the material is reasonable, because different materials on the surface of the bar chair the also have difference, so it is worth we should pay attention to when the choose and buy the bar chair, and is one of the material quality of a material is also decided the quality of the products, solid wood bar chair USES of wood belongs to natural material, feel is good, beautiful is the production of furniture in the finest materials, so we must choose the good material when buy!
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