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The choose and buy of household bar table skills

  Home home bar bar table - grasp space, style choice give visual effects for the heavy household eat desk and chair and table space. If it is a narrow family dining area, so can make household eat desk and chair a variety of roles. On the one hand, want to consider to choose home eat desk and chair set group whether can meet the needs of family members. On the other hand, is to consider the convenience.
  Home - home bar bar table table style home bar table should be coordinated and dining-room decorate a style. If the restaurant is a luxury, home eat desk and chair the choice of the classical style of Europe type style; If the restaurant style is concise, household eat desk and chair the choice of the vitreous mesa of contemporary and contracted style; If restaurants tend to natural style, you can directly use the original solid wood home eat desk and chair, the color coordinate the tablecloth on the shop, you don‘t have a refined.
  Home - home bar bar table table selected shapes, home of the shape of the bar table has a certain effect on the atmosphere of the restaurant. Due to the traditional idea of "nature round place, circular home eat desk and chair like the full moon, a symbol of unity, young and old. At the same time can also be gathered popularity, foil the atmosphere of the dinner. Smooth square home eat desk and chair, founder, symbol of fairness and sedate, under normal circumstances, is round or square is suitable for family with less population; Oval or rectangular table suitable for large populations, can appear with democratic atmosphere; Irregular desktop, more suitable for two people world, appear warm and natural.
  Home bar table - home to pay attention to the bar table position, details of household the placement of the bar table to facilitate people to walk and use. At the same time, can‘t home eat desk and chair is opposite gate, avoid the enter houses directly to the table. If you are unable to avoid the happening of this kind of situation position, then can porch or screen keep out. Household buffet table set of the design should accord with human body engineering design group. Best table height from the ground in 70 ~ 74 centimeters, the distance from the center of the lowest and the cushion of the chair and table at least 27 ~ 31 centimeters apart. In addition, the activities of the people at the dinner table space is about 60 cm, legs under the desktop space to 30 cm, therefore, do not choose too narrow household eat desk and chair.
  Above is the household small make up to introduce the choose and buy of the bar table skills, in the present life, home bar table is indispensable, can for us to have a meal, so for the household the choose and buy of the bar table skills everyone to understand, so we can according to their own understanding of knowledge to select the appropriate home bar table.
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